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2778 – Ladyfish, Vacuum Packed, 1pk BAITMASTERS

• Size: 3/4 – 1lb
• Case Size: 30 – 1pk
• Producer: Aylesworth’s Fish & Bait
• UPC: 7 10707 02775 9

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Product Description


Ladyfish (Elops saurus)

AKA: skipjack, bonefish, jack-rashes, or tenpounder

The ladyfish are a coastal-dwelling fish found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions, occasionally venturing into temperate waters. Ladyfish can be found in great numbers in bays, lurking just outside of dock lights at night, feeding on bait fish and shrimp. The body is a tapering spindle shape and oval in cross-section; being slightly laterally compressed, and the eyes are large and partially covered with a transparent eyelid.

USES: Ladyfish make fantastic chum or chunk chum. Use cut up ladyfish to catch snook, grouper, shark, and other species that like chunk bait. Great bottom bait for groupers, snappers and sharks. May also be rigged for trolling. Ladyfish rivals mullet as one of the best baits for monster snook, and they will be eaten dead or alive.



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