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7022 – Mackerel, European (Boston)

  • Size: 200-300gm
  • Case Size: 22lb bulk

Product Description

Mackerel, Northern, Irish

European (Boston), Atlantic Mackerel  (Scomber scombrus)

AKA: Atlantic Mackerel, Boston Mackerel

Mackerel is a common name applied to a number of different species of pelagic fish. Over thirty different species, principally belonging to the family Scombridae, are commonly referred to as mackerel. The term “mackerel” means “marked” or “spotted.” They are found in both temperate and tropical seas, mostly living along the coast or offshore in the oceanic environment.

Mackerels are beautifully streamlined, fast-swimming fish with silver under belly and metallic green and blue upperparts with irregular bands along the back. Unlike the southern Spanish mackerels, the Northern or Atlantic or Horse mackerels are round in shape and very fast swimmers.

Atlantic mackerel are found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic mackerel are offered in a number of graded sizes.

USES: The Atlantic and Horse Mackerels are a favorite for catching the big, deep water groupers. Favored by commercial fishermen.


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