» » » 9022 – Chum, BAITMASTERS Dispenser Bag Blue Label

9022 – Chum, BAITMASTERS Dispenser Bag Blue Label

• Size: 5lb dispenser bag
• Case Size: 8 – 5lb dispenser bag
• Producer: Aylesworth’s Fish & Bait
• UPC:7 10707 09020 3

Product Description

Five pounds of ground bait fish (herring, mackerel, sardines, menhaden) are ground and then frozen in a meat loaf shaped pan. The chum is then slipped into a convenient ready to use mesh bag, and sealed in a plastic overwrap. A loop, crimped with a hog ring, is provided at one end of the dispenser bag to allow the fisherman a secure place to tie the chum to a line. ANISE OIL ADDED for that extra attractant capability. An added bonus – it smells good even in storage!

Sustainability Note: Our green mesh bag is constructed of VEXAR netting material. This innovative product is a certified commercially compostable netting brand developed by Conwed. The product is not only compostable, but breathable, gentle and reusable.


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