» » » 9006 – Chum, BAITMASTERS 100% Ground Menhaden

9006 – Chum, BAITMASTERS 100% Ground Menhaden

• Size: 7lb box
• Case Size: 6 – 7lb box
• Producer: Aylesworth’s Fish & Bait
• UPC: 7 10707 09006 7

Product Description

Chum is the ultimate fish attractant. Found in many different formulations, some requiring refrigeration, others not. Some dry, some moist, every fisherman seems to have their own special recipe to attract fish. Generally chum is comprised of fish or fish by-products; sometimes fish oil is added to create a slick on the water. The idea is a slow dispersal of the attractant to draw bait to the chum – and in turn catching the attention of the larger fish and create a feeding frenzy.

BAITMASTERS demands particularly fresh baitfish that matches the criteria of a first class, quality chum. There are no added ingredients in our branded chums – no product stretchers -with the exception of pure menhaden (pogy) oil and anise oil (Tournament Chum in the dispenser bag) to enhance the chum’s ability to incite the feeding frenzy.

USES: Fisherman around the world use chum as a fish attractant to increase their catch. Anglers create a stinky slick in the water (hence the term “stink bait”) and wait for the fish to come, then cast their lines into the resulting FISH FRENZY! Increase your catch, always bring the chum.


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