» » » 1400 – Cigar Minnows, 5lb BAITMASTERS

1400 – Cigar Minnows, 5lb BAITMASTERS

• Size: 5lb box
• Case Size: 10 – 5lb box
• Producer: Aylesworth’s Fish & Bait
• UPC: 7 10707 01442 1

Product Description

Cigar Minnow2

Cigar Minnow (Decapterus punctatus)

BAITMASTERS Cigar Minnows (Round Scad) are top quality Decapterus punctatus harvested from the Northern Gulf of Mexico and packed in beautiful Port St. Joe, Florida by Raffield Fisheries. Excellent bottom bait, especially for grouper and snapper. May be used whole or as a cut bait. Charter boats like to use them to troll for striking fish, such as king mackerel or tunas, because they hold up well. Very popular in the Florida Panhandle and Northern Gulf of Mexico.



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