» » » 2700 – Pinfish, 25lb BAITMASTERS

2700 – Pinfish, 25lb BAITMASTERS

• Size: 3″-4″
• Case Size: 25lb bulk
• Producer: Aylesworth’s Fish & Bait

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Product Description

Lagodon rhomboides

Pinfish  (Lagodon rhomboides)

AKA:saltwater shiners, pinheads, pins

Pinfish are a small fish that may grow up to 4 ½” in length. They are silvery with faint yellow and blue strips along their sides. The fish gets its name from the spine like dorsal fins that can be very painful when handling them.

Uses: One of the most common of baitfish, they are found in shallow and deep water.Best used for large bottom fish such as groupers, great for amberjacks, tarpon and kingfish. A favorite of commercial fishers.



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