» » » 1454 – Goggle Eyes, 25lb

1454 – Goggle Eyes, 25lb

• Brand: Cap’n Salty
• Size: 5″-6″
• Case Size: 25lb bulk
• Producer: Raffield Fisheries, Inc.

Product Description

Goggle eye

Goggle Eye (Selar crumenophthalmus)

AKA: bigeye scad, goggle eyed blue runner, gogs, cojinua, mas bango, akule, chicharro, charrito ojón, purse-eye scad, coulirou

The Goggle Eye or bigeye scad is abundant in warm seas throughout the world. The bigeye scad occurs along the entire Florida coast, but is most abundant near shore on the east coast of the state. The bigeye scad is blue-green or green on its back and sides and white on the underside. It grows to about 15 inches long and feeds on small invertebrates, fish larvae, and zooplankton

USES: In southeast Florida the bigeye scad is considered to be the premier live bait for sailfish. But a properly rigged dead goggle eye can be successfully trolled for sailfish. A goggle eye sliced in half diagonally offers lead slingers an irresistible snapper and grouper bait.



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