» » » 1602 – Glass Minnows, 5lb

1602 – Glass Minnows, 5lb

• Brand: Village Pride
• Size: 5lb box
• Case Size: 10 – 5lb box
• Producer: A.P. Bell Fish Company
• UPC: 8 57755 00302 8

Product Description

Anchoa mitchilli

Glass Minnow (Anchoa mitchilli)
Also known as: “Mahua” in the Florida Keys

Prominent features: Bay Anchovy is clear transparent fish while the Striped species is a translucent white fish with a silver band running down its sides. Both can be found in large schools (inshore and nearshore). The average size is 1 to 2 inches long but can grow to as much as 4 inches long.

Uses: There are two primary uses as bait. Can be placed on a small hook for catching small mouthed fish such as Snappers and Grunts. Glass Minnows is an excellent bait for Yellow Tail Snapper. One technique is to pack a chum ball around the bait, Wrap your line around the ball 4 times or so and drop into the water below. The snapper will go after the chum. Please note that Glass Minnows work best if salted and dried since they are generally a soft fish and tend to fall apart. Another popular use is for chum. Simply toss a handful out to schooling fish to get them into a feeding frenzy.



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