» » » 489 – Chum, Tournament-5lb

489 – Chum, Tournament-5lb

• Brand: Pro Fish Chum
• Size: 5lb kit
• Case Size: 6 – 5lb kits
• Producer: Bagley’s Cove Products, Inc.
• UPC: 0 13964 16536 4

Product Description

Offshore Tournament

No freezer/ no ice/ no mess/ no smell/ no mixing or grinding!
Pro fish chum is the only patented vacuum sealed complete fish chum system available where the fisherman has total control of his chumming needs, here’s why:
* vacuum sealed for long shelf-life *stores anywhere
* no wasted frozen chum blocks *lasts for hours
* covers the entire water column top to bottom
* will not attract birds *our special blends do not contain dog food, cat food, or blood that attracts sharks
* starts chumming as soon as you drop it in the water, no wait
* most stays suspended for the ultimate chum line – bringing the fish right to you
* you never lose sight of chum slick, stays with you at all times even in wind or currents
* if you need to move just pick up the special slotted mesh chum bag, the slots will close off and the chum will not fall out
* our special chum bag is made of plastic and you can reuse it or throw it away, does not smell
* 1 lb of pro fish chum expands and equals about 4 lbs of fish but with our special additives, no blood, skin or bones



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