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Welcome to our informative and educational site for our dealers and retail customers.

Please enjoy viewing our wide variety of baits, chum and attractants.


Aylesworth's FISH & BAIT, INC.  is a full service fishing bait distributor founded in 1944. We carry a saltwater as well as a freshwater bait line.

Located in St. Petersburg on the beautiful Suncoast of Florida, Aylesworth's serves both the recreational and commercial fishing communities with their full line of baits and related products.  

We specialize in frozen natural baits, rigged specialty baits, value added bait products, world famous chums and fish attractants, as well as dispensers for the chums and oils. Our products are distinguished both by their quality and innovative packaging, our personnel by their attention to exceptional customer service.

Under our BAITMASTERS logo, all products are sealed, stackable, and sized for convenience. The packaging is clearly marked "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION", UPC coded, and in many cases certified "Fresh From Florida". Master packaging is heavy duty and clearly labeled - in some instances product may be displayed utilizing the master case packaging.

Our customers include local bait and tackle retailers, charter boats, bird rehabilitation and animal care facilities, convenience stores, big box retailers, grocery stores, and commercial fishing operations. We are EDI capable.

We distribute locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Locally, we employ a fleet of late model, specially designed freezer trucks on weekly routes throughout the Southeastern U.S. We deliver to other areas by common carrier, UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Aylesworth's sales and distribution is housed in a 19,000 sq ft company owned warehouse; 12,000 sq ft of which is frozen storage housing much of our quality frozen natural bait products.

We have a commitment to the environment and the fishing community, participating in and contributing to many charity events related to fishing - especially those introducing children to fishing or benefiting children's charities.

Join the Aylesworth's Fish & Bait Team! Send your favorite fishing story and photo, we will post them on our "Fish Tales" wall of fame.

As a wholesaler, we sell only to the trade. We are happy to direct you to one of our dealers in your area.